are easily retrieved by inputting the predetermined word, design of the fire fighting supply and the survey of the acts used as installation evidence is quickly performed.

- 日本法令外国語訳データベースシステム, 火災消火方法、並びにこの火災消火方法を実施する消火装置脱着式消防自動車例文帳に追加, FIRE-EXTINGUISHING METHOD, AND FIRE-EXTINGUISHING DEVICE DETACHABLE TYPE FIRE ENGINE FOR PERFORMING THE SAME METHOD - 特許庁, METHOD FOR INSPECTING SUBJECT OF FIRE PREVENTION, METHOD FOR CREATING FIRE-FIGHTING PLAN, AND ITS PROGRAM - 特許庁, 4 災害対策基本法第六十四条第三項から第六項までの規定は、前項の規定により消防長又は消防署長が物件を保管した場合について準用する。この場合において、これらの規定中「市町村長」とあるのは「消防長又は消防署長」と、「工作物等」とあるのは「物件」と、「統轄する」とあるのは「属する」と読み替えるものとする。例文帳に追加, (4) The provisions of Article 64, paragraph (3) to paragraph (6) of the Basic Act on Disaster Control Measures shall apply mutatis mutandis where a fire chief or fire station chief retains an object pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph. - 特許庁, 実際の消防設備を使用しなくても、該消防設備の操作を仮想的にシミュレーションして、該消防設備の操作方法を体験的に学習できるようにすること。例文帳に追加, To enable a user to learn by experience a method of operating firefighting equipment without using actual firefighting equipment by hypothetically simulating the operation of the firefighting equipment. ・ホームセキュリティ」のご契約先を対象にした生活支援サービス「セコム・ ホームサービス」の提供体制を拡充するなど、ご契約先へのサービス向上に努 めました。, upgrading and expanding security services and security products that can be. Fire Service Act発音を聞く - 日本法令外国語訳データベースシステム, according to the fire services act;due to fire laws - Weblio Email例文集, FIRE PUMP, FIRE ENGINE AND DRIVING METHOD OF FIRE PUMP - 特許庁, FIRE HOSE WINDING UP DEVICE AND FIRE HOSE WINDING METHOD - 特許庁, FIRE ENGINE AND FIRE PUMP OPERATION METHOD - 特許庁, FIRE EXTINGUISHING SUCKING TUBE, ITS MOUTH TOOL, MEDIATING TOOL AND FIRE EXTINGUISHING WATER-OBTAINING METHOD - 特許庁, 8 消防隊とは、消防器具を装備した消防吏員若しくは消防団員の一隊又は消防組織法(昭和二十二年法律第二百二十六号)第三十条第三項の規定による都道府県の航空消防隊をいう。例文帳に追加, (8) The term "firefighting team" means a unit of firefighters or fire corps volunteers equipped with firefighting equipment or a prefectural aviation firefighting team under the provisions of the Fire Defense Organization Act (Act No.

- 特許庁, 消防法で測定を義務付けていることもあり、調合製品であっても、データの入手は比較的容易であるが、引火点が高い場合に消防法の測定が「開放式」になることが、区分4の上限付近で問題になる。例文帳に追加, With the Fire Defense Law mandating such measurements, data are relatively accessible even for mixtures.

Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. “Law PRTR and Promotion of Chemical Management” was enforced on April 2001. the facility design need to be considered totally. Safety and Health Act, Road Vehicles Act, etc. the Company and one consolidated subsidiary reserve an estimated cost for the consolidated accounting period, based on actual payments and repair plans, respectively. - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, 消防法など法律で町並みの維持が危ぶまれ、さらに隣の木屋町の治安の悪化が花街に悪影響を及ぼしている。例文帳に追加, The maintenance of cityscape is threatened by laws such as the Fire Service Act, and furthermore, the deteriorating condition of public safety in the neighboring town, Kiya-machi, causes a negative effect on the hanamachi. All Rights Reserved. - 日本法令外国語訳データベースシステム, 複数の消防車を接続した放水体形において、先頭の消防車と後続の消防車との間を接続する中継ホースにエア抜き機構を設けることにより、中継ホース内に存在する空気を除去し、放水ノズルからの放水状態を安定させることのできる消防用ポンプの接続方法を提供することにある。例文帳に追加, To provide a connection method of a fire pump, capable of eliminating air present inside a relay hose and stabilizing a water discharge state from a water discharge nozzle by providing an air discharge mechanism in the relay hose connecting a leading fire engine and a following fire engine in a water discharge form for which the plurality of fire engines are connected. Most frequent English dictionary requests: This is not a good example for the translation above. - 特許庁, 十分な強度及び耐食性を備え、寿命が長く、廃棄処分が容易な消防用連結送水管設備の施工方法、ならびに消防用屋内消火栓設備の施工方法を提供する。例文帳に追加, To provide a method of executing work for a fire connected conveying pipe facility, provided with sufficient strength and corrosion resistance, long in lifetime and easy in disposal, and a method of executing work for fire inside hydrant facility. Said items should have flameproof capabilities as a result of immersion treatment, and should have an indication on their, Compared large-sized studio to small (private) studio in the sight of scale, the approach of acoustic design to apply is quite. - 日本法令外国語訳データベースシステム, 販売時点から防災・消防設備のリサイクル化を前提とした販売システムを取ることにより、防災・消防設備の不法投棄がゼロになって、限りある資源の有効利用ならびに地球の環境破壊防止に大きく貢献できる防災・消防設備のリースによるエコサイクル販売システムを得る。例文帳に追加, To provide an ecocycle sales system by lease of a disaster prevention/fire extinguishing facility, eliminating the illegal dumping of the disaster prevention/fire extinguishing facility to greatly contribute to the effective use of limited resources and the environment destruction prevention of the earth by configuring a sales system subject to the recycling of the disaster prevention/fire extinguishing facility from a time of sales. - 特許庁, 保管、取扱いが安全かつ簡便で、消防法上の危険物に該当しない赤リン系難燃化用ペレットを提供すること。例文帳に追加, To provide red phosphorus-based flameproofing pallets, in which storage and handling are safely and simply carried out, not corresponding to a hazardous material on the Fire Defense Law. - 日本法令外国語訳データベースシステム, 消防庁は今月中に,救急サービスの適切な利用法に関する家庭向けのマニュアルを公表する予定だ。例文帳に追加, Later this month, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency will issue a manual for households on the proper use of emergency services. the Company reserves an estimated reserve for the accounting period, based on actual payments and repair plans.

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